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About us


Most probably you will not know anything about us, who we are, how many we are or even where we are. That is why you are at the right web site to answer all those questions, since, who better than us to answer them?

For a start, we can say that the beginning of our society (peña) can be dated back in 1930 in a soccer team that developed into what today is known as Sociedad Cultural Deportiva Recreativa Irrintzi (Irrintzi Cultural Sport Recreational Society), nowadays located at Calle del Carmen 12 bajo, in Pamplona's old town.

Peña Irrintzi has 275 members, and is made up of different sections: soccer, mountaineering, culture, "peña txiki" and "peña sanferminera". All this keeps us alive and kicking for the rest of the year.

During sanfermines we can be recognised by our logo sewn on the red scarf and the black blouse, although this is also the colour of the most popular blouse worn by the citizens of Pamplona that do not belong to any pena.

The name Irrintzi refers to a traditional scream of our country..., but we are not going to tell you everything now. Keep surfing our web page and you will know who we are, how many we are, etc...

And of course, next Sanfermines do join us at Irrintzi!

Our first peña back in 1951